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Media Guide 9 - Taking photographs
Photographs are very important because they draw attention to your story.  People want to see what actually happened, and visuals make the piece more interesting and captivating to the reader.  Here are some tips to think about when taking your photographs.
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Taking photographs

Taking photographs

When using a digital camera, set it to the highest resolution so that your pictures will be of the best quality.

Take pictures of people actively volunteering, rather than posing.  Interesting action shots are more visually appealing.

Try to take photos that include different types of people, ie young and old, volunteers from different ethnicities etc.

Get a different angle by standing on a chair or kneeling on the floor.

Make sure that the sun is behind you, or place your subjects out of bright sunlight, maybe under some trees.

Write captions for the pictures that include who is in the picture and what they are doing.

When sending printed photographs to newspapers / magazines, make sure you have written a title for the photo and contact details on the back.

Let people know that the photos will be used for press purposes as well as general communications purposes such as a website or e-newsletter.

Have plenty of photo consent forms on hand so that everyone having their picture taken can fill one out.  The following is an example of what the photo consent form might include:

Sample Consent Form
Name of person in photo:

Organisation Name has commissioned photos of an event in which I am participating.  I agree that images of me / the child, for whom I have legal responsibility, may be used by Organisation Name or organisations working on their behalf for promoting or raising funds for Organisation Name and its programmes.

If you do not want us to use your / your child’s photo on a website, tick this box: [  ]

I understand my right to ask to see any information held about me by Organisation Name.

Signed                Dated

Name and contact number

We may contact you with information about other Organisation Name opportunities, services and products.

If you would prefer not to receive this information, please tick here:

Consent reference:




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