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Sustainability Volunteering

Learn how to live in harmony with mother earth! Spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica and learn all about living sustainably on this great planet of ours. Students will focus on agroecology, alternative building materials, integrated waste management, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy sources, ecotourism and social entrepreneurship. Upon completion of the program, our students will do a community project that will be initiated by the university to create social, environmental and economic benefits to the people.

Volunteer for Wildlife

This research course is designed for students, biologist, and more interested people who seek a broad view of the photo-identification techniques of marine wildlife.


Learn to speak Spanish, help a South American community, go on an adventure in the Orinoco Delta by kayak, learn how to survive in the Venezuelan jungle with Warao Indians and more!

Thailand Volunteering Opportunities

The Kingdom of Thailand is a theatre of cultural and sensual sensations for the tourist. Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in southeast Asia because of its awe inspiring temple

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Volunteering Opportunities - 332 public health healthy lives healthy people

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